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Frequently Asked Question

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As you are reading this, I will go ahead & assume you're new - so welcome!

What follows is the answers to a group of questions that many new players seem to have.

Q: How do I get around the server?
A: There are a set of portals at home which will take you to some commonly visited locations. There is an NPC at home with the fitting name "Teleports", clicking on him will bring a list of teleports up. The same list may be opened by entering the command "::tp" into your chatbox. Keep in mind though that some of these teleports are locked behind levels or other requirements.

Q: How do I start making money?
A: Most of our players make their first few millions by training skills at our skilling island. It is recommended that you start off with either Thieving or Crafting. Every monster on the server is also guaranteed to drop a number of coins, so Slayer is also a good alternative.

Q: How do I get a Slayer task?
A: You don't. As a retro server, we take inspiration from many older servers. So, to train your Slayer level simply head over to the Slayer tower & kill monsters around there.

Q: How do I find the drop rate of an item?
A: Examining any monster in the game will bring a list of their drops up, along with their respective drop rates. This list may be affected by boosts to your drop rate - such as the ring of wealth.

Q: What are skilling points?
A: You get one skilling point for every millionth experience per skill. Every skill's experience is counted individually. Getting 500k experience in one skill & 500k in another will not grant you a skilling point. Skilling points can be spent at the shop owned by the Fancy dress shop owner. You can find him at home or at the skilling island.

Q: What are voting points?
A: Along with the vote boxes, you get 1 voting point for every site you vote on (see the command ::vote in-game). These voting points can be spent by the NPC "Fancy Dan" found far west at home.

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