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 Here's the log.


-Blowpipe Has Working special.

-Looting bag is fully working u can now store items.


-smoulding stone works on everything now.

-npc are all fixed you are able to left click them and use them.

-skotzio now works and loads you dont dc when you go there.

-fishing and farming exp was very fast has been decreased.
-Decrease farming experience gained on Torstols.
-You can now not wear a Bonecrusher.

-kraken pathing is fixed you dont walk through walls now.

- achievement system has been made and done 


- game mode are made and done. 


- fixed animation on elder maul and all osrs items so they should have the correct ones.

- fixed the gnome and wildy agility courses so they work.

- you should be able to slash thru the webs and open certain doors- if there are ones not working please lmk.


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