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  3. whens it coming out bro
  4. fixed skotzio map and him u can weild dragon claws one hand.-fixed bank chest dont work at duel areana-fixed items kept on death arnt showing-fixed check the drop rate on firecpae should be after 1 kill not more than1 -fixed mabey extra bank space added for all players-added ironman can access shops change that-fixed added infinity to the mage bosses and added the new god capes added wyvern shield working
  5. Bug fixes: Fixed ironman-related bug Fixed ::highscores, ::vote5 & ::vote6 Possibly fixed random DC issue (hard to test as it's hard to recreate) Added hidden moderators Clue scrolls can now properly be destroyed Fixed a bug in shops Fixed the uncharged trident, click on it to convert it to the right one Improved clicking on the mouse You are now unable to light fires on the thieving stall Ring of the gods (i) now has 8 prayer bonus instead of 4 You are now able to eat shrimp and trout Vote boxes are back again Fixed rigour and arcane prayer scroll A new interface for voting has been added The gambler at home has been changed to be more profitable The quest tab has been revamped H'ween items have been removed from the shared boss drops (skin dyes are still there) Player icons now shop up correctly in pm. Alching now has the correct magic level requirements. The vote window now works for people with spaces in their names. EDIT: Many NPC:s now have a magic attack level set. This will be applied to the Twisted bow formula. Some guaranteed drops have been added to Olm. Olm now drops the prayer scrolls (Dexterous & Arcane). Olm kills are now counted. You can now examine Olm for a list of his drops. Ruby bolts have been nerfed. Fixed a bug where NPC:s would randomly stop using their magic attacks. Balancing change Changed a few drop tables: Godwars bosses now drops hilts & blades rather than complete godswords Cerberus now drops crystals instead of complete boots Corporal beast now drops sigils + blank spirit shields instead of complete spirit shields ^ as a result of this the donation shops have been slightly updated Pets are now more rare, skilling pets -> 1/15k, boss pets -> 1/2k The well is now extended by 1 minute per million you add to it We will keep a close eye on the well going forward. If this change has any effect on it's purpose as a money sink we will re-consider the update. The experience rate at ZMI has been altered. It is no longer the best runecrafting experience in-game Twisted bow now uses the correct formula. Added Grotesque Guardians Added an Abyssal Sire instance key Added a ::faq and ::rules command Added Drop Rate Lamp boosts to vote boxes. Added Decorative Armour to vote boxes. You are now able to convert a zamorakian spear into a zamorakian hasta and vice versa. The Well of Goodwill has been changed to work like the following; Collect a minimum of 15M to initially get it started for 30 minutes Pay 500K to extend it per minute once it is going Provide a 7.5% boost in drop rate during the time it is active This way it will provide the players with a shared goal to work towards, yet be simpler to use than before. Some of you might not be happy with it being more expensive than before, but we feel like that is a necessary balancing change. The boost in drop rate should not be thought of as a necessity. The well is - always will be & always has been - considered a money sink. the new demons from mage arena II have now been released & drop the bis mage cape! A cap has been placed on the highscores. You can no longer get more than 2B experience in a skill. revenants have been released Mashallah, the demonic gorillas have been fixed. also, the zulrah slayer task has now been fixed The amount of runes you get from Runecrafting has been increased. all bosses now have a chance of dropping these new santa hats In other news... Added elf warriors to the boss log Made changes to the quest tab. Fixed cerberus safespot Ring of nature and ring of coins now work correctly Replaced the granite boots in Donation Gear II with guardian boots Drop Increase lamps have received an update. Fixed a couple of clue scrolls Fixed the grammar of the bosslog Removed the "Attempting to join channel..." message. Fixed the zamorakian hasta animation. The cost of the bankers in wildy is now more obvious You are now not able to unlock a prayer if you have already unlocked it. Y's chances of ever receiving a dragon warhammer have been revoked World map now opens teleport book. Ancient wyvern shield now acts as a dfs and protects against the tail hit of the wyvern. The clue scroll radius has been increased. Added in the edgeville and wildy lever. The web at the wildy lever has been fixed. Fixed the safespot in instances Fixed shaman safespot. Dagannoths now have their correct spawn. Insha'Allah the demonic gorillas have been fixed ::guardians has been changed to ::guards You now receive an unnoted blowpipe instead of a noted 1 when making 1 Bowl wig now goes in the correct slot. Skin dyes have been added to the mystery boxes. Removed halloween items from mystery boxes. Serpentine helm, ancestral items, blowpipe and pegasians now have a level requirement. Ancestral robe set has been given the correct bonuses. Added ancient wyverns to boss tasks. Decreased the amount of zulrah you have to kill when having zulrah as a boss task. You can now only train one skill at a time. Dropping items now cancels skilling. The SGS special attack has been fixed. The BGS special attack now only requires 50% energy. The effect to the enchanted onyx bolts has been implemented. All of Cerberus' boots now have the correct requirements. The katana is now 2-handed.
  6. As you are reading this, I will go ahead & assume you're new - so welcome! What follows is the answers to a group of questions that many new players seem to have. Q: How do I get around the server? A: There are a set of portals at home which will take you to some commonly visited locations. There is an NPC at home with the fitting name "Teleports", clicking on him will bring a list of teleports up. The same list may be opened by entering the command "::tp" into your chatbox. Keep in mind though that some of these teleports are locked behind levels or other requirements. Q: How do I start making money? A: Most of our players make their first few millions by training skills at our skilling island. It is recommended that you start off with either Thieving or Crafting. Every monster on the server is also guaranteed to drop a number of coins, so Slayer is also a good alternative. Q: How do I get a Slayer task? A: You don't. As a retro server, we take inspiration from many older servers. So, to train your Slayer level simply head over to the Slayer tower & kill monsters around there. Q: How do I find the drop rate of an item? A: Examining any monster in the game will bring a list of their drops up, along with their respective drop rates. This list may be affected by boosts to your drop rate - such as the ring of wealth. Q: What are skilling points? A: You get one skilling point for every millionth experience per skill. Every skill's experience is counted individually. Getting 500k experience in one skill & 500k in another will not grant you a skilling point. Skilling points can be spent at the shop owned by the Fancy dress shop owner. You can find him at home or at the skilling island. Q: What are voting points? A: Along with the vote boxes, you get 1 voting point for every site you vote on (see the command ::vote in-game). These voting points can be spent by the NPC "Fancy Dan" found far west at home.
  7. Donation Benefits There are plenty of in-game benefits to helping us out financially. Apart from the donator points you get per every USD spent, you can also unlock in-game ranks. There is a Premium Member-, Extreme Donator- & a Super Donator rank for $10, $25 & $50 respectively, What follows is a list of benefits for each rank: Premium Member Red donator icon by your name. Access to donator-only areas. Such as; Abyssal Sire, Yaks & the Donator Zone. 5% increase in drop rate. Also applies to mystery boxes & vote boxes. Free banking at bankers. No timer on [::]yell-ing. A command to restore your hitpoints outside of the wilderness (::hp). Super Donator Everything above. Blue donator icon by your name. Access to the Super Donator Zone. 10% increase in drop rate. Also applies to mystery boxes & vote boxes. Teleport out of level 20+ wilderness (while out of combat). A command to open the bank outside of the wilderness (::bank). A command to restore your prayer outside of the wilderness (::prayer). Extreme Donator Everything above. Green donator icon by your name. Access to the Extreme Donator Zone with a special shop. 20% increase in drop rate. Also applies to mystery boxes & vote boxes. A command to restore your hp, prayer & special attack outside of the wilderness (::restore).
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