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    • Hey guys, just a small announcement for everyone.    As you can see there’s tons of posts with usernames containing the prefix “Guest.” I’ll be fixing this issue soon. Any posts that are still needed will be reposted, while the rest are archived.     Wraith-PS is currently being worked on behind-the-scenes. There should be a BETA release soon for anyone willing to log in, play, and report bugs. There’s no current ETA of when this’ll happen, but it should be soon (I’ll edit this when applicable).      What I had in mind that’ll be discussed with the other members of the team will be an award for anyone who BETA tests Wraith-PS. This may be a cosmetic item in-game, a forum’s award if we add the forum award system to the forums, or anything else once it’s discussed and decided. All information will be released as soon as possible.   Thank you for your patience and cooperation. 
    • Guest alex
                                                                           Here's the log.   -Blowpipe Has Working special. -Looting bag is fully working u can now store items. https://gyazo.com/6f70d81d60a346c5770f94760cdf827b -smoulding stone works on everything now Harpoon,pickaxe,hatchet. -npc are all fixed you are able to left click them and use them. -skotzio now works and loads you dont dc when you go there. -fishing and farming exp was very fast has been decreased.
      -Decrease farming experience gained on Torstols.
      -You can now not wear a Bonecrusher. -kraken pathing is fixed you dont walk through walls now.                                                                                  What we are working on    -adding interfaces for different  game-modes example -easy,hard,ironman,ult and hardcore -adding a whole new achievement system  -fixing all dragon wepons harpoon etc -fixing pathing to make sure we have less lagg and fps issue for the slower pc.  
    • Guest Mod Mystery
      Hey there man, great list of experience too. Welcome to the server. Soon I’ll have to write up an introduction topic too.
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